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Persian Carpets are the respected works of art that are imitated all over the world. Loved and popular, such marvels woven with meticulosity represent the rich culture and tradition of the ancient Persian country. Exhibiting exclusive designs with a fresh and distinct look on the carpet pile and flat weaves, such nomadic and tribal creations are seen embellishing places as far as European homes.
The designs used on Persian carpets have always been successful in captivating hearts. The art of weaving and the knowledge of motifs are passed onto the next generation like an heirloom gift in a weaving family. Ranging from botanical forms like flowers, animal figures are also used. The floral themes are mainly leaf, bud and flower. The tendency, all in all is naturalistic. Such natural elements like small plants or delicate animals are represented on most of the carpets with great skill and craftsmanship.
Persian carpets are intertwined with single looping knot. An ideal Persian floor covering would contain more than 50 knots/sq cm as compared to a low to average piece of a Persian artistry having 30 knots /sq cm. A weaver can put almost 10,000 knots per day, averagely. More the knots, the higher is the carpet’s quality and value.
As said above, Persian carpets can be seen woven as tribal carpets as well as city workshop woven ones. The wandering tribes always weave carpets as their daily purpose article and for generating income for themselves. The city workshops are usually located in the outskirts of the major carpet cities of Iran that is erstwhile Persia. Interestingly, every carpet-weaving region in Persia is renowned for its unique color and style usage on its carpets and rugs.
Persian carpets and rugs are usually woven with fibers like wool, cotton, silk, etc. Some of the famous Persian styles named after the regions they belong to are Bakhtiari carpets, Hamadan carpets, Gabbeh carpets, Mahal Carpets, Heriz Carpets, etc.
Fine masterpieces exhibit decorations like central medallions and triagonal corners defined by graceful borders. Typical colors like blue, brown, red, and green are used the most. With a perfect harmony, the entire carpet layout is so designed that offers a delicate yet valuable feel to a Persian carpet.


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