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Dictionary meaning as the soft, kinky usually thick undercoat of various hairy mammals, wool is considered as “the finest money can buy”. Wool is derived as of Middle English (wolle from Old English wull; similar to Old High German wolla wool, Latin vellus meaning fleece, lana wool).The practice of extracting wool has been done by the prehistoric man. The dense warm fleece is widely used in making textile & rugs and carpet production. Wool production is carried on worldwide. Major wool producing countries of finer quality are Australia, New Zealand, Russia and Kazakhstan. Coarse wool is named as ‘carpet wool’ and India is the leading producer of this wool type.

Originally, wool carpets are widely believed as a nomadic creation of Central Asia that travelled to other places in the world. It actually started as hand knotted pile carpet recorded between the 2nd and 3rd BCE. Moreover, the rearing of sheep and goats and hand spun wool yarn is found practicing since 6000 BC. Extraction of such fibrous protein is also obtained as mohair from alpaca, goats, vicuña, and camel, cashmere from goats, and angora from rabbits. It is carded and then spun to make yarn of desired shades and hues. Natural dyes and usage of high quality specimen such as Pashmina Wool end up as luxurious and cozy wool carpets.

Nowadays, hand woven wool carpet is a celebrated piece of home décor worth a fortune, with the passage of time. In addition, there are various types of weaving methods named after places of their origination. Nevertheless, such carpets are woven single or blended with other natural or synthetic fibers. Wool can be dyed conveniently and various wool blends are like nylon and polypropylene. Nonetheless, wool carpets can be exorbitant, in spite of a small fraction of the market.

Various lovely and impressive styles in wool carpets can be seen. Reflecting trendier tones to contemporary feel, wool carpets’ patterns too, range from pin dot to feature areas. Overall, it is considered to be the finer product of home décor in carpet produce.

The unique characteristics of wool magnificently turn wool carpets tremendously so popular. The twisted nature of the fiber helps to bind with each other and give a firm finish. The kink, within, makes it a heat absorbent fiber. Therefore, it is the best insulating alternative during winter season. This quality also facilitates trap of dirt and earth particles within itself. Being a natural fiber, it is hypoallergenic.

Wool carpets are highly moisture absorbent. This means that they are inappropriate for hygroscopic areas. However, carpeting with wool carpets aid sound absorption too. They are highly suggested for soaring traffic areas and high safety environments. Wool has a poor rate of flame spread, low heat incineration, and does not soften or spread. Moreover, it is antistatic. Therefore, the moisture within the carpet fibers prevents one from a shock. Regular vacuuming and a professional cleaning within couple of months is what a wool carpet would love.

Wool rugs and carpets come as wishes to be bought, possessed, and come true. They can be flaunted in a foyer or children’s bedroom or your living room. The place would just simply light up with a highly durable wool carpet.

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