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From time immemorial, the weavers of Turkish origin have woven carpets and rugs. Turkey, a Eurasian country spans across the Anatolian cape in Western Asia Thrace in the Balkan region of southeastern Europe. It is surrounded by Bulgaria, Greece, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq and Syria. Bordered by most of the weaving countries like Iran, Azerbaijan, etc., there has been a tremendous artistic influence on Turkey’s various handicrafts and art forms. Especially, Turkish carpets come in unique descriptions.
Carpets and rugs woven with wool or sometimes cotton are celebrated ones. Popular specimens include carpets with silk accents that are woven masterpieces. Wool carpets with cotton foundation, wool carpet with wool foundation, and silk carpets are woven with a silk foundation. The motifs and decorations of Turkish carpets are also accompanied with patterns.

Motifs on status of the weaver {such as hair band (the yearning of a young married Turkish woman), yin and yang (signifying that the weaver is married as well as unity with love), hands on hips (the mother Goddess of ancient matriarchal beliefs)}; motifs on happiness (like eye, ram’s horn, etc.); motifs on relationship chest comb (signifying a weaver’s relationship with her spouse and close ones), fertility; animals, birds, etc. As is understood from above, there are no particularly set motifs for Turkish carpets and rugs rather they are the reflections of the complete thought process or feelings of a weaver. In a way, weaving such products of mind is like therapeutic.

Turkish carpets are either symmetrically knotted or flat woven, which are one of the best-known forms of carpets produced. The carpets strongly reflect the sociological, economic, environmental, and religious attributes on them. Turkish carpets and rugs are sought to the farthest corners of the world. They are handmade by most of the nomadic, pastoral tribes, who live in tents, and weave such articles for daily domestic usage.

Eccentrically beautiful Turkish tied around two adjacent warp threads. They are excellent alternatives to decorate homes with exciting colors and harmonious patterns.


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