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Counted as Oriental Rugs, Tribal Rugs are floor coverings that are genuine weavings done by nomads and villagers. Suchtribal rugs, stylish rugs, fancy rugs rugs range their availability from almost all over the world. For centuries, such an art form is practiced by tribal people ranging from Middle East, Central Asia, and the Indian subcontinent. Such expressions of tribal culture are very popular and treasured in homes worldwide. Apart from rugs, tribal decorative patterns are seen on wall hangings, saddlebags, tent hangings, ground covers, animal trappings, and storage sacks etc., where these are used as every day usage articles.

Tribal rugs with a plush pile are woven in small sections of dyed yarn attached tightly to pairs of warps. North African or Asian weavers use this weaving style where they work with free end of a continuous yarn. The yarn covers each knot separately and clipping the yarn before the subsequent knot. Following after each knotted row, single or a number of wefts are inserted and stressed down taut. Tribal rugs fancy ornamental geometric motifs woven on the loom. There are traditional designs such as totemic, religious, talismanic ones that give a peerless look to an exclusive tribal rug. Sometimes the weaver spares some subtle variations on the rug that reflect an important aspect of their daily life.

Fibers of organic origin are used in weaving tribal rugs. Generally, with a woolen pile, other plant fibers like cotton and natural fibers such as mohair, camel hair, and silk are also used to form the pile. Often goat hair for weft is used in tribal rugs. Symmetrical knots also known as Ghiordes and asymmetrical known as Senneh actually bring out the splendor in the rug. The special feature of tribal pieces is that often the weft threads are tied with a different colored yarn that does not matches with the color of the rug. This makes them unique among themselves. Other creation of tribal origin consists of flat weaves like Kilim that also looks exceptionally fine.
The yarn used in tribal rugs is of highly brighter shades. Tribal weavers in the rugs also use motifs of noble animals and birds. However, they are woven in a secondary, stylized and geometric manner. For instance, there could be a battle scene depicted against a geometric background with a simple pattern border. These depictions also represent the struggle between good and bad.

Versatile tribal rugs are easy to maintain and clean. Adding to the delight, these wonderfully diverse and distinct home decor articles provide altogether, a fashionable look to the ambience.



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