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India being an erstwhile conglomeration of princely states and reign has seen many inimitable births of Indian art forms in handicrafts. For instance, the Mughal prugs carpets by design, carpet rug depoteriod paved the way to a whole new era of patronized work on carpets. Initiated by the great Mughal emperor Akbar in 16th century, he sent for skilled artisans from Persia to come to India and permanently settle down. He ordered them to weave the similar eccentric forms of carpets the way Persian courts flaunted. As history is evident, today we see such a treasure of various antique forms of traditional carpets and rugs woven as marvelously luxurious examples.

 Mughal emperorJahangir, Akbar’s son is attributed for the introduction of floral themes on the carpet due to his fascination towards botanical forms. With the passage of years, the beautiful Persian motifs and directional layouts of Persian origin were incorporated in the Indian style of craft too. However, there are slight differences in the usage of motifs and the inevitable characters woven in an Indian carpet.

Traditional rugs are still seen today as an evolved form of the carpets and rugs originally woven in India. Such historic traditional rugs are hard to resist. Although, for a beginner, it could be difficult to differentiate between the various styles of traditional rugs woven, the beauty of their designs and colors term them as exotic creations. They also portray the imaginative as well as the cultural beliefs of the region too. India could never be credited for the origination of the carpets as in whole but it boasts to be one of the centers of carpet manufacturing and export in the world. For instance, Agra Rugs are named after the place where they are woven. They are also woven with geometric designs into the rugs and carpets in Agra that have descended from the designs of Persia.

Natural fibers like wool, silk, and cotton are used extensively to weave such magical creations. Always woven in asymmetrical or Persian knot, traditional rugs sport Persian styles of decoration such as Tabriz, Keshan, and Sarouk. Indo-Isfahan style of carpet is equally loved by people. The exquisite palmettes and the medallions really turn a rug into an awe-inspiring collectable. Many of the rugs also describe a complete story embellished with naturalistic details like a dragon or birds perching on a cliff. Mesmerizing prayer rugs, displaying a mihrab looks aesthetically sacred as well as a product of the intermingling customs and styles adopted.


Such collectables that are hand knotted bring out the shine of the naturally dyed threads derived from vegetative species.



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