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While stepping down to the nearby store, just remember these simple tips that can aid you in your decision making:
As a user it becomes essential to understand the difference between a carpet and a rug. These terms are used interchangeably by many sellers. No worries. Just understand the basic difference. A carpet refers to a wall-to-wall covering and an area rug refers to a covering that can be spread at the centre of the flooring or wherever necessary.
Dig in

After recognizing what you need, dig into the details of the category chosen. For instance, if you realize that an area rug will look more elegant in your dining hall, start the hunt. Your next step is to identify the products categorically and decide upon your priorities. For example, an area rug can be hand-knotted, hand-tufted, machine-made, sumac, etc., that defines a rug’s category. Hand-knotted rugs makes use of natural fibers, say wool and silk, while a machine made rug may or may not use natural fibres. Your priority could be to use eco-friendly products. Therefore, hand-knotted carpets are in match with your choice. Click here to know about types of carpets
Knowing the right size
It is important to determine the size of the area where you want to place your rug/carpet and the size of it that will look ideal, either in your dining room, kitchen, bedroom, or guest room. Technically, for smaller areas, lesser rugs or scattered rugs would be ideal. Moreover, for the dining rooms, kitchens and living rooms, larger rugs could be chosen
Check the fibre density
Whether you opt for a machine-made rug or a hand-made one, assure yourself about its durability or enquire more about its performance from the respective vendor. The denser the pile, the slower your rug will wear. Moreover, as compared to rugs manufactured from yarns like nylon, polyester, acrylic, and polypropylene "olefin" and the naturals like wool and cotton, the latter are durable, soft, and easy to clean.  Click here to know about carpet fabric
Traffic of your house
Is the room in which you intend to install the new carpet, an area of high traffic? Or is it the area where there is a maximum possibility of staining of your carpets. If yes, then you should install carpets with dense pile in these areas. You should also prefer stain resistant carpet if you want it to be installed in the living room or dining room.
A dark colour can make a large room look smaller and vice versa. Plus, in high traffic areas where staining is easily possible, dark colours are a big relief. Stains look more highlighted in rugs or carpets with lighter backgrounds, which makes light colours ideal for areas where traffic is low. Thus, it is important to decide the pros and cons of your options and then carry forward.
Once you are through in knowing what can be the best, match your budget with varied options.
It is advisable to get branded products as it adds credibility to what you purchase and it also guarantees a certain level of quality. So, search for nearby suppliers, retailers or manufacturers who can deliver what you want in no given time. Besides, also cross check your information about the dealers from your friends or other acquaintances before making a move. You can also refer online portals or trade magazines on carpets and rugs in order to get the best information.
It is best to know the prices of what you want to purchase. Internet is a very safe option for resorting and cross checking the prices at which the dealers display their product. Now, that you have identified your dealer, also try to dig in if he is aware of carpet cleaners or maintenance guys nearby. Persuade the dealer to provide you a list of such agents so that you can get in touch with them whenever necessary.
Again, the dealer has surrounded you with options and you are confused what to buy. Visualize your room while purchasing the carpet or area rug whatever suits your taste and style. While taking a look at the carpet or rug in front of you, try to imagine the flooring in your room, dining or office space with that product. Get into the mode of a decorator and see what difference it makes.
Take it or leave it
If your inner sense feels good about a product, take the deal or else leave it. Here is a simple and straightforward statement that may suit you once you are tired of searching for that perfect one. Always strive for the best quality at the best price. It makes you feel like a winner by the end of the day!

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