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The traditional patterns of these carpets are influenced by the Buddhist arts, modern motifs and Chinese motifs. The designs are first drawn on a graph and then mapped on the loom. The Nepalese carpets are low to medium quality in terms of knot density, density ranges from 60-120 knots per square inch. They use high quality wool for the piles, though the base may be cotton.

The Nepalese carpets have a distinct lustre similar to the Tibetan carpets because of unique knotting style and different quality of wool. They resemble a lot with the Persian carpets but are more affordable than them. Wool is the major material out of which Nepal rugs and carpets are manufactured. The area rugs and carpets of Nepal are hand- knotted using high quality wool for a dense and thick pile, with an extra-soft texture.

The major carpet weaving centres of Nepal include Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Patan. Nepal is also one of the leading producer of Tibetan carpets and rugs that are exported to different European countries and United State of America.

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