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A Namdah carpet is one of the known floor coverings that are popular for its beautiful and intricate designing of patterns and decorations. Such a versatile felted fabric of wool, fur, or animal hair, etc., is an important article for a domestic household.

A namdah probably has Indian roots since the Mughal period. It is believed that a subordinate weaver first wove a namdah for the Mughal emperor Akbar’s horse. It was made in order to save the animal from cold. Combined with the art forms of Persian influence, namdahs have made their presence felt since then. Kashmiri Namdah is a very famous article of this sort. It is woven by coating of dense wool that is stuck with organic glue. Later, when the weaving is finished, embroidery is done to beautify it. They are well known for their chain stitch embroidery.

Along with the above-mentioned type, namdahs from Gujarat and Rajasthan are specimens that are admired for their splendor. They are ornamented, printed, or embroidered. Many motifs like floral themes, amplified birds, human forms, and animals, etc., are used. Mesmerizing ones even display tree motifs with zoomorphic ones with hunting scenes and all. Yarns of white, brown, gray, beige, or black natural wool are usually used.

Much to the delight of the buyers, namdah carpets are less expensive than the contemporary woolen ones. They are equally warm, stylish, and durable too. Usually, the high proportion of wool marks the high quality of a namdah.

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