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Modern lifestyle portrays living in a home with all modern, up market and trendy home decor materials. A Tiffany Blue rug, a lovely glass cut dangling chandelier, a comfortable couch with today’s cosmopolitan look and the wish list goes on. Although homes today may be compact yet they significantly flaunt a beautiful yet a fashion statement modern rug in it. It’s like a European or an American home with a dishwasher that is a necessity and not an exception. Similarly, avant-garde rugs, which provide a twenty-first-century look to a contemporary styled home. That is the effect of modern rugs.

To spare some knowledge, modern rugs are those kinds of floor coverings, which actually represent the hip style statements of the latest. This includes rugs woven in voguish patterns, be it contemporary or classic or a blend of both. Most of these comprise of some a la mode models of rugs, which are a witness to every changing pace of fashion resonating with the drumming of the 21st century living.

At present, the carpet industry extends an array of vast and modish collection of modern rugs to its customers. Such awe-inspiring marvels range from all sorts of fiber types. Good for the environment and healthy for you organic thread types like silk, sisal, jute, coir, wool and cotton rugs show up with great grace, designs and comfortability. In addition, artificial counterparts include polypropylene, viscose, nylon and acrylic. A blend of both natural and artificial thread types actually create perfect montages. Adding to the delights and happy pouts, such modern rugs are easily available at all affordable cost prices too.

Whatever fiber type your modern rug is, the first rule to possess one is to enjoy it. The cost of your silk modern rug could be very pricey. Even its little presence in the rug could change its price upwardly. Nevertheless, silk always adds sheen and high luster to a rug. This ultra soft and smooth thread accents in a rug provides a dramatically aesthetic effect.
Wool is considered as the most favored rug fiber type fancied around the world. Its soft, luxurious feel actually is regarded along with its durability. The most popular of the wool types, the New Zealand worsted wool, is known for its crush-resistance, comfort, clean ability, and beauty in the modern rug woven.

Viscose is a manmade fiber-type, which is a synthetic replacement of silk. It has a similar looking shiny surface like silk and is derived from plant cellulose. To obtain some remarkable looking affordable modern rugs, viscose proves as best substitute for overwhelmingly priced silk.

With a great strength and durability, coir rugs are made from the husk extracted from coconuts. Slightly coarse to touch, coir fibers are spun as yarn and woven in striking floor coverings. After all, coir floor coverings come in as a green carpeting option helping nature.


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