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Interestingly, Mahal or Mahallat rugs and carpets are found with both tribal and curvilinear motifs. This attribute derives from the unique position of the city of Mahallat, which is between the cities of Arak and Delijan, on the path of the tribal people of Southern Iran.
The quality of Mahal rugs is average. Even though they have loose knots, the structure is strong. Mahal rugs and carpets come in different sizes but the majority of them are mid-size (4 x 6 to 8 x 10 feet). You can also find large rugs up to 10 x 18 feet.
Dark red and khaki are the main colours and the majority of the borders are blue. These carpets are very soft and lustrous generally made of wool. These are thin, tight pile and double weft. The warp is mostly cotton and weft is either cotton or wool.
In these carpets both Turkish and Persian knots are used. These carpets have all over scrolling vine and large palmetto designs-a pattern influenced by Shah Abbas period carpets.

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