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Kashmir is one of the naturally scenic hill stations of India lying in the northwestern region in India. It is situated in between the great Himalayas and the Pir Panjal range. It is famous for Dal Lake, houseboats, mosques, and many tourist attractions. Many Buddhist monasteries are also seen scattered in various locations of this place.

As the Mughals arrived in India they also brought forth a beautiful, and mesmerizing handicraft skill of knotted carpets and rugs. Such is the popularity and influence of the Kashmir carpets that it has been one of the world centers of arts and crafts for centuries. Influenced by Persian weaving styles the carpets were woven in cotton, silk and wool since medieval times.

Enchanting floor coverings from Kashmir are woven with the help of a weaving technique known as ‘Talim’. The styles adopted from Persia are named as Kirman, Kashan, Meshad, Ardabil, Qum, Hamadan Faraghan, and so on. These styles consist of attractive decorations and motifs such as floral themes, zoological geometric ones, and the tree of life. The hand knotted carpets are in asymmetrical knotting.

Precious looking Kashmir carpets are all hand woven or hand knotted. The dyes used to color the yarn are derived from mineral sources. Shades like blue, red and yellow are commonly seen used on carpets and rugs. Such is the aura of Kashmir carpets that they tend to transform the interiors with their intricate and meticulous use of curves and hieroglyphics.

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