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Kashmar rugs originate from Kashan, located in the Province of Khorassan, just southwest of Mashad. It is reputed to produce some of the highest quality area rugs in eastern Iran in addition to being a collection point for Baluch tribal area rugs.
These carpets are quite rare and historically very important. The two distinguishing features of Kashmar rugs are their large size and their unique designs. Kashmar rugs take designs from other regions and modify them into interesting variations that are new and original. Woven in pictorial patterns, Kashmar rugs tell tales of major events or important historical figures. They may include items of cultural significance, special buildings, or symbolic representations like the Tree of Life. Older area rugs will be primarily baby blue and cream, with ivory providing the contrast. Newer Kashmar rugs feature greens, reds, and browns.

Kase Boshghab (bowl and plate), Case Kozeh (bowl and flowerpot), Zir Khaki (means "under earth" and refers to designs that depict archeological artifacts found in Iran such as vases and other ornaments with designs of birds), Lachak Toranj (medallion and corner design) are all famous designs that Kashmar rugs are famous for.
The foundations of Kashmar rugs are typically cotton or a blend of cotton and wool, while the pile is most frequently wool. They are extremely durable and can last for centuries. They will increase in beauty as they age and subsequent generations will be proud to display them. Their interesting designs, intricate details, and harmonious colours make these area rugs works of art to treasure.

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