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Cheapest yet strong, jute is the second-most accepted plant fiber in the world. Boasting such a status, it is quite evident, that it is extensively used in making ropes, shawl, hessian cloth, gunny-bags, twine chair coverings, curtains, and Jute Carpets. Jute, the herbaceous one, has derived its name from Bangla (jhuto meaning twisted hair pertaining to jata meaning braid of hair). It is cultivated mainly in the Indian subcontinent since ancient times. However, China and Pakistan also produce it. Bangladesh stands on the second place of the top ten, high-quality jute producers country list.

Jute Carpets or Hessian Carpets, make some very impressive and affordable floor coverings. They are aesthetic in nature, have an earthy look with attractive weaves. Jute carpets, most probably, originated in India, are woven in beautiful and eccentric styles. These natural fibers are also mixed with other organic counterparts such as wool, and offer a more striking look to the eyes. Dyed in almost all colors, jute ranges from its natural color of light golden tan to brown with a comfortable feel to the senses.


A bio-degradable form, jute is an eco-friendly one with insulating and antistatic properties. It is an efficiently low-thermal conductivity substance. However, it tends to weaken and turn yellow due to excessive exposure to sunlight. Moreover, in case of overwhelmingly moist situations, it becomes prone to microbes and mildew growth. Nevertheless, jute carpets are always a favorite amongst nature lovers.

A true jute carpet becomes more durable when used in a low traffic area and is hypoallergenic. Because of its texture and elasticity, the carpet becomes more economical and more versatile with variations in the weaving style. Such softness facilitates easy to clean procedure in case of dirt and stains. Immediate vacuuming and cleaning up of spills as soon as possible would ensure the longevity of your jute carpet. An accidental spill can be treated with soap water, blotted and blow dried to remove moisture.


Jute carpets term your house-go-green with such eye-catching home décor materials. According to a recent study by Kew’s Economic Botany Collection, a world renowned scientific society in UK, jute is one of the most sustaining natural fibers in the world. The others are flax, cotton, sisal.

As an example of renewable natural floor covering, jute carpets could add that extra lush and luxury, still being naturally tactile. Soft under your feet and tweedy in character, it helps in making the room breathable and relaxed.


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