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Hand knotted carpets and rugs are counted as hand woven ones. However, hand woven floor coverings do carry a slight difference than knotted ones. Flat weaves lack a pile. They are woven a different kind of a loom and show a very meticulous affair of the weft and warp. In addition, there are no knot rows. Flat weaves are seen woven in all over the world but with different names. They are known as kilim, soumak, jajim, palas, etc.

Tapestries are woven flat and the weft is firmed down to cover down the warp entirely. Then there are various other diverse techniques of weaving flat weaves. Their presence is felt in almost all major weaving locations of weaving.

Generally, carpets that are warp-faced are more hardwearing. For instance, the Bedouin saha or the tent curtains woven by goat hair show some meticulous enmesh of threads flatly woven. There are many other forms of flat weaving techniques that are used on looms with three, four, six and eight shafts. The more the shafts, the more scope for surface texture on weft and warp & pattern. The weaving techniques range from simple twills, with all their deviations of broken weave and diaper, spot weave, shadow weave, block patterns, honeycomb and brocades.

Hand woven ones are made by yarn in almost all possible colors and shades. Flat woven ones are seen in seemingly bright shades and traditional patterns. Talking about carpets, they are as precious as any piece of valuable furniture. To maintain the [particular shade of your carpet, regular vacuuming and once-in-a-while washing can do wonders to you carpet or rug.

Carpet and Rug pedia
carpet and rug pedia
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