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Hamadan is one of the ancient provinces of Iran and is well known for its hand woven oriental carpets and rugs. This Kurdish populated city is situated at west Teheran, south of Bidjar and north of Malayer. Bidjar and Malayer are a city and county in Iran, respectively. In accordance to Leslie Stroh of Rug News, the city of Hamadan accommodates around 1500 villages each weaving two distinct types of weavings. Therefore, there are almost 3000 types of Hamadan carpets and rugs obtained from this city.

Hamadan carpets and rugs are woven in variably all sizes. They are woven with a single weft called as ‘Hamadan Weave’ that is a single heavy cotton shot. The foundation is made of high quality cotton. Superb pieces are usually knotted with a knot count ranging from 40 to 100 per square. The single symmetrical knotted or ‘Senneh Bafts’ rugs have usually a long pile with a high weave with no tears, holes, rips or low spots. The lovely silkiness and softness of the wool pile are as good as the usage of bright colors. In case of durability, Hamadan rugs actually stand up against time and heavy-duty wear and tear.

Both ornamental and antique Hamadan carpets and rugs can be seen still. Usually a natural camel-haired brown position is preferred for many Hamadan rugs. Fringes are a distinguishing feature of the rugs that is one sided. The other end has a narrow woven fabric finishing to prevent unraveling. Khamseh rugs from the Khamseh tribe of Hamadan contribute with the central medallion with geometric forms. The corners are decorated with lesser medallions similar to the central one with normally a three-banded border. Such kinds of motifs are considered as highly stylized form of motifs. Herati motifs are also used on these rugs. Herati medallion-and-corner has a very big hexagon-shaped medallion generally with pendants. Then there are rugs with an all over work of herati motifs. Commonly seen background shades range from blue, red, camel and dark brown. Black, white, gold green and ocher are used to make motifs and outlines.

Such is the allure of the beautiful Hamadan rugs and carpets that people from all over the world wish to catch hold of their quality and looks.

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