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Gabbeh Carpets is one of the primitive tribal forms of carpet weaves. They represent the nomadic patterns mostly by Ghashghai nomads, belonging to the Farsi province in the southwest of Iran. These famous carpets are definitely handmade with wool, both in pile and foundation.

Gabbeh carpets are seen handspun with organically dyed wool. The dyes are derived from plants. Distinctive patterns are woven on the surface. They are bedecked with noticeable abstract patterns or nave designs that were considered too basic to be worth trading. However, lately their creative value has been accepted widely. The elements displayed most are rectangular containing zoomorphic figures. Very few elements are decorative on it. In addition, the patterns are almost inspired from the loveliness of the natural world.

Gabbeh, a Lori word meaning moderately coarse, long-piled Gabbeh rugs and carpets are made by nomads of the middle Zagros Mountains for use in the tent. Recently, they have been seen meeting the requirements of the American customers with great light fields with careful speckles on the Gabbeh carpets.

The Indian weavers have been imitating the wonderfully unique decorations of Gabbeh carpet styles and have come up with an Indo-Gabbeh carpet approach. There is a slight difference between the two types of Gabbeh carpeting. One of the differences is that the Persian model is much softer as compared to the Indian version of it.

Overall, the originally attributed Persian Gabbeh versions are Amalehbaft, Kashkooli, Sumak, Luribaft, Baluch Gabbeh and Basic.


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