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So you have finally decided to purchase a brand new carpet. A very common fear that creeps in the minds of people is-"Where can I get the best deal?" There are enormous sellers in the market waiting to pounce on you with their marketing gimmicks and lure you into illusions.

Now the question that props is how will you know what is best for you? There are n numbers of factors that you can consider before deciding what to pick for your room or decor.

First of all, think of the style that blends with your taste and your surroundings. A wall-to-wall covering gives a different feel to your interiors while an area rug can enhance your décor more. Next, think of the material or fibres that will suite the room. For instance, if you want an area rug in your room, you can choose natural fibres such as wool, cotton or silk as they are more durable and will stay longer.

Third, check the quality of your carpet. It may not be of the most supreme brand but remember for hand-knotted carpets, knots per square inch determines its fine quality, tightness of weave for flat woven length and tightness of tufts for hand-tufted carpets ensures its durability.


Lastly, choosing the right dealer to guide you through your decision process is again very important. A good dealer may even suggest you other retailers in your nearby areas and maintenance agencies that can take care of cleaning and any other queries.

In this section, you can explore wonders and get the best information to know what suits where.

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