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Coir is a loose, fiber extract from the leathery external shell of a coconut. Derived from Malayalam (Kayar, meaning cord), coir fibers are obtained from, in between the stiff, inner shell and the outer cover of a coconut. Thick cellulose fibers of coir are commonly spun to create yarn to be used in mats or rope. Moreover, it is extensively used into weaving carpets too. It is smooth and fine. However, after spinning, it becomes strong. Widely used as mattresses, brushes, doormats, sacking, etc., coir is majorly used as floor tiles too.

Mats or carpets woven by coir are made with a much softer and finer grade of bristles. They are cultivated in coastal regions of the entire Indo-Malaysian region. African subcontinent’s Ivory Coast, West Africa and Mozambique, Dahomey and Togo, Kenya, Tanzania, and Central & South America. The palm tree fruit provides two types of coir fibers. Talking about India, the coastal region of Kerala state majorly produces 60% of the share of the world’s white coconut coir supply.

Brown fiber and white fiber are two types of coir fibers produced. Brown coir is extracted from fully mature coconut whereas white coir is obtained from green coconuts that contain white flexible fibers. Tremendously versatile, coir fibers are spun and woven meticulously into beautiful and striking coir mats and carpets. It is a great fiber that shows up nice and large. The bristles are thick and have a bulky pile finishing. Abundantly colored coir carpets and door mats are always available to embellish your thresholds.

‘Green Carpeting’ is what comes to the mind, when coir mats and carpets are bought. Along with prominence, they are durable to a satisfactory extent. It is a great fiber but it tends to shed with time. Moreover, such recyclable home decor materials are pleasurably hypoallergenic. They are designed such that they cleverly entrap earth and dust. This helps in keeping the interiors relatively clean and tidy for a longer duration of time. Coir carpets can actually spike the home remodeling fashion upsurge.

An astonishingly cheap alternative for floor covering, coir carpets overwhelm the traditional choices such as wool and silk carpets. The construction industry is also consumed with the same appealing fetish for customizing floors and covers due to abundance of the natural resources and easy availability of the reverend coconut palm, also known as ‘Tree of Life’. Such is the attraction of coir carpets that they actually bring out the feel of the sunny, beach carefree style within them.

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