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Types of Carpet

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When it comes to purchasing a carpet or rug, the material or fiber with which the carpet is made of should be of utmost importance. Wool, silk, jute and other synthetic materials are the basic Fiber used for carpets.

Wool: Wool carpets or rugs can be used in high moisture areas, thus offering the best durability with elegance. Since wool can be easily dyed and has excellent piling quality, they are generally suited for rough and tough areas. Being a natural fibre, chances of allergies are highly reduced. Wool is the most favored material for the piles of oriental rugs and carpets. They often have cotton foundation but at times the weft may be of wool. Cotton foundation provides a better strength.

Silk: Silk is a natural lustrous fibre that has a high tensile strength. The fibre is so lustrous that weavers at times exploit the play of light in their patterns. Silk makes wonderful oriental carpets or rugs. It is also used as pattern highlights in woollen carpets. These carpets are rich and expensive and are usually made on the cotton foundation but some may even have silk foundation. Silk carpets or rugs are highly preferred in soft, even and dry areas owing to the delicacy of the fibre. Also, silk carpets require a high maintenance as compared to that of wool carpets.

Jute: Jute carpets or rugs are very economical. They are woven into beautiful patterns and form perfect area or accent rugs. Only problem that a jute rug may have is that it does not hold very well in moist or dampness. Jute can be woven, knitted, twisted, corded, sewn, or braided.

Synthetic fibres: Nylon is the most preferred synthetic carpet material. Other fibres are polyester, olefin and acrylic. Nylon is the most durable of all, resilient, and easy to clean and maintain. Olefin is preferred for outdoors due to its resistance for water damage pilling and static. Polyester is not so durable but easy to maintain. It offers a wide variety of textures but susceptible to piling and shedding.

Each fiber provides a different texture to the carpet. The carpets or rugs on the basis of the fibers used can be of the following types:

Bamboo Carpets
Coir Carpets
Jute carpets

Wool Carpets
Silk Carpets
Staple or Synthetic Carpets 

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