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Carpet Industry

 Carpet Industry


Spread widely across the world, the extent of the carpet industry depends on the availability of raw materials, presence of skilled weavers, presence of a tradition of weaving art, etc. Every nation takes on the art differently and has a special taste, preference, designs, quality, and colors imparted to it, which makes a finished rug, a unique product specific to the region.
In vogue since ages, carpets have been one of the prized possessions. At its peak during the Mughal period, the carpets got the patronage of the kings and the noblemen. The hand-knotted and weaving forms flourished and manifested themselves in varied forms. Earlier, the admirers of the art form were Kings and aristocrats but after the dawn of modernism, the carpets soon entered the houses of the commonality and business enterprises.

Millions of weavers throughout the world, working day and night have perfected the art of carpet making. The carpet industry talents, mostly originating from tribal art forms, are found in the remote parts where modernism has not hit yet. In India, Jammu and Kashmir’s name has been synonymous with carpet weaving. Nevertheless, there are millions of artisans also working this art to the perfection in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Jammu, and Kashmir etc.

Worst hit with the power loom in place when weavers were replaced by automatic machines the conditions of the weavers of the carpet industry has worsened and millions were unemployed. Living below poverty line, the weavers had to switch to other professions to earn their living.

Despite stringent measures by the Government, the carpet industry was saddled by the recent global economic slump. Fortunately, several NGOs coming up for the welfare of the weavers have slowed down the curve of the carpet industry profit-chart. In spite of allocation of funds by the central government in the Five Year Plans, there has been no significant optimism in the lifestyle of the carpet weavers. Weavers have always served and yet produced one of the best forms of aesthetic beauty, which are specimens of mesmerism. Still, the welfare of these artisans and millions of weavers living below poverty line is at standstill and struggle for their livelihood.
The need of the hour is to stand up for the welfare of the depressed carpet weavers of the industry who are perpetually affected due to power looms. We can contribute our part to save by buying such fine-looking Hand Knotted Carpet products. Patronizing such floor coverings would help preserve the tradition, exquisite designs and so much more, woven by the Indian carpet weavers.

Across the world, these are the countries where carpet industry flourishes well:


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