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Braided carpets have been seen since centuries with its probable roots of origination in the Native American culture. Only this culture has safely kept records of its history of braided rugs and carpets. Later, it spread to other corners of the world, as the early settlers from the New World carried out explorations and expeditions around the globe. Nevertheless, this peculiar art of weaving exquisite and versatile floor coverings has not diminished ever. It is still seen popularly, irrespective of caste, creed, and culture.

Like many other weaving techniques, braided rugs and carpets were invented to fulfill the insulation necessities. Subsequently, due to their versatility, they are also seen as fashion products used almost everywhere. Being one of the oldest forms of hand woven art forms, braided form is available in varying sizes.

Initially, women and children to pass time wove this patented product of America. In earlier times, when recreational ways were less, then weaving braided carpets proved to be a mode of entertainment too. This also facilitated social gatherings and a boost to their hobbies. In addition, these were handmade whereas today they are seen as machine made too. Women passed on such a beautiful work of art to their daughters and daughter-in-laws in order to beautify their homes.

Traditional braided rugs and carpets imparted some spontaneous colors as rug color choices. Nowadays, modern braided ones also contain a variegated pattern of colors that add a lot more to the ambience. Yarn choices range from the organic contemporary ones like wool, silk, etc, to sisal, jute, and even hemp.

There are other forms of braided carpets like cloth fabric braided, yarn braided, etc., which serve as unique pieces of hard work. They are obtainable as quality, durable products with newer designs and patterns, and choices.

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carpet and rug pedia
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