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Bamboo is one of the fastest growing woody plants on the green face of the earth. This perennial, evergreen true grass family is significantly used as a versatile everyday building product. Moreover, evolving since the Cretaceous period, bamboo is used extensively in culinary, medicinal, construction, textiles, musical instruments, etc.

Talking about bamboo in textiles, apart from apparels, this fibrous plant is also used in carpets and rugs. Natural floor coverings such as Bamboo Carpets originated in Asiatic locations and have been used since centuries.

Bamboo carpets have been the most chosen floor coverings these days. They are available in generally two natural shades that are trendier than ever. However, they are also seen as matching all sorts of interiors. The two most opted colors are rich honey-toned brown or light tan with variations in shades.

Appropriate for good health, bamboo carpets are always kind to the environment as well as one’s eyes. These hypoallergenic floor coverings lock up dirt particles and grimace. Being resilient to water and mold growth, it is best for bathrooms and kitchens. In order to obtain a healthy home, such carpets are toxin free unlike synthetic carpets. A potential hazard, ‘Off-Gas’ is quite characteristic of synthetic carpets while unrolling. They tend to release harmful volatile organic compounds in the air immediately.

Mother Nature’s gift, bamboo, makes an excellent material for beauty and durability meant for home decor. It is seen, that bamboo in lighter shades stay for more time than the darker ones. Sprucing up the place, bamboo carpets’ strength makes it a favorite for high traffic places & adds an aesthetic, well-designed, and affordable quotient to your purchase.

On the comfort level, bamboo carpets act as insulators satisfactorily and absorb noise and vibrations. In addition, the benefits of ‘green’ carpeting include a provision of an anti-slip surface. Preventing the cold to reach to your feet, such floor coverings are amazingly supportive to joints and legs.

Bamboo carpets do not cost that exorbitant as its other luxurious counterparts like silk and wool. Easy to clean, the carpet surface is easy to clean by vacuuming. A daily sweep could also do wonders to your eco-friendly carpet. However, in case of undesirable stains, professional cleaning is required on a seasonal basis.


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