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Carpets woven by weavers of nomadic tribes of Baluch are mostly seen occupying the areas of eastern Iran, southern Afghanistan and western Pakistan. The province of Baluch is near the city of Kerman where flocks of Turkish tribes once dwelled centuries ago. This is one of the reasons of the influence of the Turkish motifs and decorations on Baluch hand woven carpets and rugs. Although technically distinct, they are considered closely associated with their Turkish counterparts in terms of high quality.

Baluch carpets are primarily tribal creations. Therefore, zoomorphic or animal figures are to be seen on their carpets and rugs, inevitably. Delicate looking fine specimens of prayer rugs are still seen as an evolved form of the original Baluch work. Extensive usage of mihrabs and prayer rugs with hands are seen as readily demanded ones. Many weavings sport an exceptionally archaic look, which could be a result of the ancient confusion of reigns of several tribes and invaders. A repeated usage of gul medallions is regular with Baluch rugs.

Yielding and stretchy Baluchi rugs and carpets flaunt designs like camel prints woven with camel hair. They are also made on wool or cotton foundation. Such wonderful collectables have an unrivaled color scheme like blue grounds or dark reds set off with pattern of ivory, orange, yellow or white.

They are woven on a horizontal loom with a rich feel of history and age behind. With constant experiments and understood attributions, they have cast aside the stereotype image as derived from Turkish artworks.

Delightfully affordable for all sorts of budget, Baluch rugs are limited in their size with a tribal origin. Traditional colors and the style of weaving range from a vast number of blends of various Turkoman styles of weaving with a repetitive assimilation of foreign cultural essentials.

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