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Bakhshaish is the name of an area in the province of Azerbaijan that is situated in southwest of Heriz in Iran. Heriz is the heart of many weaving areas in the parts of Azerbaijan. Bakhshaish is known as Kovanaq now. In the 19th century during Khajar Dynasty, many Muslims and Christian Armenians as villagers settled in Bakhshaish and formed the first generation of the weavers of Bakhshaish carpets and rugs. The carpets were woven on large room size looms with patterns of Herati influence. Moreover, patterns inspired from the area of Heriz are also seen very clearly on such specimens.

The historic or antique Bakhshaish carpets and rugs were woven with magnificent traditional Herizes in technique and design. Traditional ones include trees as among most common designs. Cyprus, willows, and flowering trees are the various tree motifs included. Camel colored examples are predominantly another type of old but high quality ones inspired from Heriz. Many Bakhshaish rugs embellished with zoomorphic motifs are very popularly seen. For instance, zoomorphic representations such as the twin stylized dragons aiming to encircle a minor animal-like figure on the blue field, next to a cruciform, almost totemic ingredient.

Then another aspect would describe a number of abrashes on a vast background of sea blue creating an effect of a sea on which floats a sun-like tablet. Then the corners filled up with polychromatic rosettes. The completely refined primitivism looks one of its kinds on Bakhshaish carpets and rugs. Other prevalent ones are rounded medallion designs, metamorphosing classical cartoons into more intangible and brisk drawings parallel to Caucasian ethnic rugs.

Overall Bakhshaish rugs are some fine examples of sensuality blended with sensibility, filling colors with a positivity and attention towards them.


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